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How it Works

As the number of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges continues to increase at a rapid rate, it feels impossible to keep up. How can you guarantee that you are buying Bitcoin at the best prices if every exchange you've looked at shows a different price? How can you effectively obtain and act upon market data in a growing market? BitCombine offers a simple, comprehensive API data and trading solution so that you can save your time and money. Get orderbooks and ticker data, execute trades, make withdrawals, and check your balances across our growing list of 40 cryptocurrency exchanges with BitCombine's state-of-the-art crypto API.

how BitCombine works

Getting Started is Easy

Watch this short video to learn how to utilize the power of our API to take advantage of the crypto market.

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BitCombine connects with cryptocurrency exchanges so that you don't have to. Your BitCombine API key pair provides you with access to market data, trading, and exchange account management capabilities. Don't waste any more time searching for crypto data to find the best rates or view live market orders: get exchange data for any cryptocurrency across all of our supported exchanges. BitCombine is always adding new exchanges and cryptocurrencies to its platform so that you can stay ahead of the game.

BitCombine integrates with many cryptocurrency exchanges

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my transactions are successful?

You will receive an order ID for all successful transactions. If you do not receive an order ID, you will receive an error message that shows the response from the exchange.

Can I access market data without adding cryptocurrency exchange credentials or having accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges?

Absolutely! BitCombine is your one-stop destination to all global cryptocurrency market data across all of our exchanges. You do not need an account, nor do you need to provide us with exchange API credentials, to access any and all of BitCombine's market data for all cryptocurrencies across all of our supported exchanges.

How does the API manage wallets on multi-walleted exchanges?

When you query an endpoint which requires the usage of your funds, such as /withdrawals or /orders, on exchanges which have multiple wallets, such as trading wallets and non-trading wallets, the funds in your non-trading wallet, in your requested quantity, will be moved to the trading wallet for the operation. If there are no funds in your non-trading wallet, or the funds are not sufficient to be transferred in the quantity requested, this step will be skipped, and the funds in your trading wallet will be used. When you check your balance on multi-walleted exchanges, you can specify whether you would like to see the funds in your "main" wallet, which is your non-trading wallet, and your "trade" wallet. By adding both values, you will get your total balance of any asset on any given multi-walleted exchange.

Can I retrieve my crytpocurrency exchange credentials after entering them?

For your security, after you enter your cryptocurrency exchange API credentials, you will only be able to access obfuscated versions of those credentials. Instead of showing your API Key/Secret, as well as any other parameters which the exchange's API requires, if those credentials are long enough, you will see the first and last four characters of those credentials; if they are slightly shorter, you will see only the last four characters; and, if they are very short, you will only see the obfuscation character, '*', in a quantity which is equal to the number of characters in that particular credential.

What are my cryptocurrency exchange rate-limits?

Your BitCombine subscription plan dictates your rate limit for all of BitCombine's endpoints. Exchanges may have their own rate limits, too; for market data endpoints, these rate limits will not apply to you, as they are based on IP addresses; for trading and withdrawal endpoints, these rate limits will apply to you, as they are attached to your cryptocurrency exchange credentials.

Are there any API guides or tutorials?

Yes. BitCombine offers an interactive API graphical user interface at api.bitcombine.io, which also provides documentation for all of our API endpoints.

Where does BitCombine API data come from, and how accurate is it?

Our market data, such as that found in /orderbooks and /tickers, comes directly from the exchanges from which you are trying to get that data, which is specified on all endpoints by the exchange parameter. Our data are 100% accurate, as it comes directly from those exchanges.

How often are prices refreshed?

Depending on the caching rates which are associated with your plan, you will be given data that ranges from 90 seconds cached to real-time.

How much information is given by the market data API for each exchange?

BitCombine provides all of the data which exchanges offer from their APIs. All exchanges will have complete and accessible data for all of BitCombine's market data endpoints. Data provided in the /tickers endpoint may vary by exchange, as some exchanges provide all information about a currency, and others do not; some exchanges may provide the 24 hour volume of a currency, for example, and others may not.

How do I view my BitCombine API Key/Secret?

For your safety, you will only be able to see your API Secret once, upon creation. After you have seen the API Secret and refreshed or exited the page, you will no longer have access to it. You will always be able to view your API Key in the MyBit Portal. If you would like to obtain a new BitCombine API Key/Secret pair, visit your MyBit Portal and select the Generate New button under BitCombine API Key/Secret.

What kinds of withdrawals are supported? What is the difference between a withdrawal and a multi-address withdrawal?

BitCombine currently supports withdrawals for all cryptocurrencies. Any cryptocurrency with an additional address identifier, such as XRP, may not be supported for withdrawals on a few exchanges, which will be indicated by a value of false for MultiAddressWithdrawalsEnabled for that exchange when retrieved by the /exchanges endpoint. You will be notified that this is the case if you attempt such a withdrawal on one of those exchanges. A couple of exchanges do not support API withdrawals. You can determine which exchanges support withdrawals, as well as other operations, by making a request to the /exchanges endpoint. BitCombine does not yet support FIAT withdrawals, but we plan support them in the future.

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