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Crypto News

Polkadot could introduce ‘common good’ parachains with DOT-based smart contracts

Cointelegraph.com | Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain News - 10 minutes ago

Polkadot is likely to offload many of its core features to special-purpose public parachains.

Supercar maker Mazzanti Automobili launches security token offering

Cointelegraph.com | Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain News - 51 minutes ago

The STO will take place on the Luxembourg-based STOKR marketplace.

Chainstack publishes report looking at development data on Eth2 clients

CryptoNinjas | Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market Source - 1 hour ago

CryptoNinjas » Chainstack publishes report looking at development data on Eth2 clients The Eth2 Client Development Report 2021, published by Chainstack, is an in-depth analysis that focuses on tracking the development and developer engagement data of the Eth2 clients, all of which host their code on GitHub. The main source of developer data used for the report is retrieved from the moment the Eth2 client code went online on GitHub until the end of 2020. Researched over the span of several months, the Eth2 Client Development Report 2021 reveals the impressive client diversity of Eth2 and the factors contributing to the success of an open-source project — an especially relevant point for the largest decentralized network with smart contract functionality. Key findings include: 1. Collecti...

GME Stock Price Soars 110% Days After Keith ‘Roaring Kitty’ Reveals $5.5M Position

CryptoPotato - The world of Bitcoins and Altcoins Crypto currencies - 1 hour ago

GameStop has undoubtedly become the most widely discussed company in 2021 following the Wall Street Bets fiasco that catapulted its price to all-time highs far beyond the wildest imaginations. The action on the stock had since cooled down a bit as WSB lost some steam, but in the past few days, it’s on again as the price surged over 110%. GME Stock Price Soars 110% The price for GameStop shares has skyrocketed once again, weeks after the tumultuous fiasco with Wall Street Bets. Upon yesterday’s market close, the price had reached $91.71 a pop, totaling an increase of more than 110% over the past three days. GME Stock Price. Source: TradingView It’s worth noting, though, that this is still far away from the all-time high that was reached back on January 28th at the height of the WSB eu...

Bitcoin Drops Below $50K, Major Altcoins in Red: Market Watch

CryptoPotato - The world of Bitcoins and Altcoins Crypto currencies - 1 hour ago

After another unsuccessful attempt to decisively overcome the $50,000 price mark, Bitcoin has fallen to $49,000 again. Altcoins, which showed brief signs of recovery yesterday, have dropped again, with Ethereum beneath $1,600 and BNB back to $240. Bitcoin Drops Below $50,000 Again The past several days didn’t go well for the bitcoin bulls as the cryptocurrency plummeted by more than $13,000 in about a day or so at the start of the week. They attempted a rapid recovery, which drove the cryptocurrency above $51,500 on a few occasions, but the bears only enhanced the pressure. As such, BTC failed to increase any further and even dipped to $48,000 yesterday. The situation repeated in the past 24 hours with another false breakout above $50,000. At the time of this writing, though, bitcoin has...

Finance Redefined: Ethereum exodus continues as Binance ‘helps,’ Feb 17–24.

Cointelegraph.com | Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain News - 1 hour ago

Binance is flexing its muscles in a bid to promote BSC over Ethereum.

Blockchain soccer gaming startup Sorare raises $50M

Cointelegraph.com | Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain News - 1 hour ago

Sorare has raised $50 million in a Series A round, bringing its total funding to $60 million.

Coinbase has held Bitcoin on its balance sheets since 2012

Cointelegraph.com | Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain News - 1 hour ago

The American exchange is offering services and advice to other private and publicly traded firms who want to hold digital assets in their treasuries.

The US SEC Revokes Registration of Long Blockchain Corp’s Securities

Bitcoin News - 3 hours ago

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says it has revoked the registered securities of Long Blockchain Corp (LBCC) after the company failed to file annual reports since Dec. 31, 2017. In addition, the SEC says LBCC, which made the switch from soft drink production to activities related to blockchain technology in December 2017, is also “delinquent in filing quarterly reports.” Non-Existent Blockchain Business In a document that reveals the proceedings against LBCC, the SEC, which cites the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, says its decision (to revoke securities) is intended to protect investors. The SEC adds that an investigation had found that after the name change from Long Island Iced Tea Corp to LBCC, the listed company’s “blockchain business never became operation...

People who bought Bitcoin in 2017 becoming the strongest HODLers, new data shows

Cointelegraph.com | Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain News - 3 hours ago

Investors who began their Bitcoin journey three to five years ago have stronger hands than you might think.