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Crypto News

From The Ground: Stephen DeLorme, A Hard-Core Bitcoiner, Talks To Salvadorans

Bitcoinist.net - 11 minutes ago

This From The Ground report is gold. Stephen DeLorme visited El Salvador and got the information we needed. He talked to real people, experimented with different wallets, went to all kinds of commerces. His story is full of the confusion and angst that being the pioneer carries. El Salvador is going where no country has gone before. Its citizens are in for the ride, but, in most cases involuntarily and without enough information. How would they know Bitcoin is the best asset ever created?  Related Reading | From The Ground: The “Bitcoin In El Salvador” Documentary, What Did We Learn? But first, who’s Stephen DeLorme? He’s “a designer and front-end developer working on Bitcoin.” He’s part of the Bitcoin Design Community that produced the phenomenal Bitcoin Design Guide we...

The Coercion Of Ethereum's Difficulty Bomb

Bitcoin Magazine - 57 minutes ago

The perpetual Ethereum difficulty bomb is evidence that blockchains can be coercive, and Bitcoin is evidence that they don’t have to be. Can open-source blockchains be coercive? In a recent debate between Erik Vorhees and Alex Gladstein, Vorhees asserted that “there is nothing in Ethereum that is based on coercion, period.” Vorhees went on to clarify: “I have a pretty high standard of coercion. It's basically like physical violence or the threat of physical violence, or theft or breach of contract. Those categories of things I call coercive. What's not coercive is if you're part of an open-source software project and the majority in that project wants to do something and you don't. And so the project goes in a direction that you didn't want it to go in. That's not coercion. That's...

British Security Think Tank’s Report Warns NFTs Could Bolster Money Laundering Schemes

Bitcoin.com News - 2 hours ago

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), the British defense and security think tank, questions whether or not non-fungible token (NFT) assets can be used for money laundering purposes. The report determines that in order to mitigate the money laundering risks a ‘know your customer’ monitoring system “needs to be implemented.” RUSI: ‘NFT Technology Can Raise Alarm Bells From a Money Laundering and Financial Crime Perspective’ The Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies otherwise known as RUSI, was founded in 1831 and it is the oldest defense and security think tank worldwide. On December 2, RUSI published a report that covers the subject of non-fungible token (NFT) assets and the RUSI researchers ask whether or not NFTs can contribute to money laund...

Traders say ATOM could eventually do an AVAX-like surge to $100

Cointelegraph - 3 hours ago

Fractals, bullish technical analysis patterns and the fact that 67% of the total supply is staked are key reasons why analysts expect ATOM to hit new highs shortly.

Elizabeth Warren Queries Bitcoin Mining Operation, US Senator Says Crypto Miners Raise Environmental Concerns

Bitcoin.com News - 4 hours ago

Senator Elizabeth Warren has written a letter to the CEO of the New York bitcoin mining firm Greenidge Generation, Jeff Kirt, asking for details on the company’s emissions. Warren’s letter insists “Greenidge and other [bitcoin mining] plants raise concerns about their impacts on the global environment.” Elizabeth Warren Takes Aim at Bitcoin Mining Operations The former law professor and the United States Democratic Party senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, has taken aim at cryptocurrency mining operations after she criticized digital currency markets in recent times. In mid-September, Warren pressed the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to investigate increasing digital currency oversight. Warren has also denounced cryptocurrency mining in the past...

South Korea Postpones Crypto Tax, Looking For Votes?

Bitcoinist.net - 4 hours ago

South Korean National Assembly Strategy and Finance Committee approved an amendment to delay to 2023 the taxation that imposes an annual 20% capital gains tax for crypto trading with over 2.5 million Won (US$2,125) in earnings, just after the same taxation had been rushed to happen in 2022 as the lawmakers said postponing it would lead to “loss of public trust”. Some have claimed that lawmakers needed to postpone the crypto taxation because the bill still has many loopholes to work on, but on top of that the presidential election is around the corner and lawmakers from all parties have the intention to win over young voters, who have shown high rejection towards the crypto tax and even formally asked to delay it. Statista shows that South Korea’s number of registered users of cryptoc...

$50,000 In Dogecoin And A Tesla Up For Grabs In Binance Giveaway

Bitcoinist.net - 4 hours ago

Binance recently announced that it had opened up Dogecoin withdrawals after it had limited the capability due to an issue with Doge’s latest update. The reinstatement had been a big relief for users who had been unable to withdraw their Dogecoin on the platform. Following this, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao announced a giveaway for the community. How To Participate The sign-up process for participating in the giveaway was a pretty straightforward one according to what was posted by the CEO. Zhao said on Twitter that to be eligible, all users would have to do it retweet the tweet announcing the giveaway, follow his account, Elon Musk’s account, and the official Binance Twitter account. Lastly, users need to tweet the prize they want and why they should get it using specified hashtags. I'm...

Why Bitcoin Still Has A Long And Prosperous Road Ahead

Bitcoin Magazine - 4 hours ago

With the current lull in price, it may seem that bitcoin is slowing down — but this is simply an illusion. Summary Of The Week Although bitcoin started climbing slightly over the last week of November 2021, it still hasn’t picked up the next leg of the current bull run. The recent dip saw many large HODLers accumulate more bitcoin, while several large mining firms once again confirmed their intent on HODLing the bitcoin they mine. Interestingly, this week also saw reports emerge that large U.S. banks are eyeing the possibility of providing bitcoin-backed loans, and executives at the Korean Exchange are also showing interest in bitcoin. Let’s take a look at what happened this week in bitcoin. Monday MicroStrategy Moves The week started off on a bullish note. Thailand revealed plans th...

Got crypto? Here are 3 software wallets for storage, staking and swapping

Cointelegraph - 4 hours ago

“Not your keys, not your coins” is short for “Don’t leave your crypto on exchanges.” Here are three soft wallets that are trusted by millions of investors.

Whale Buys 28 Billion SHIB for $1.2 Million as Price Stalls

CryptoPotato - 5 hours ago

Yesterday, pseudonymous ETH whale “Gimli” bought 28 billion SHIB for $1.2 million. Gimli has a months-long history of stacking the infamous memecoin, which is now the 13th largest crypto by market cap. Stacking SHIB WhaleStats – a Twitter account analyzing the movements of the richest 1000 ETH wallets – called attention to the transaction yesterday. Apparently, Binance sent exactly 28,236,296,316 SHIB to Gimli for $1,204,823. With the latest purchase, Gimli now holds a whopping 1,281,667,671,716.74 SHIB for $53,977,897. That’s more than Binance holds on its exchange: 531,107,299,855.73 SHIB valued at $22,367,776. Buyers should be wary on that front. Though SHIB is a crypto token, it is far from decentralized. According to data from Coincarp, the top 20 SHIB addresses alone contro...