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Crypto News

Saudi Aramco dismisses ‘false and inaccurate’ rumors on Bitcoin mining

Cointelegraph - 18 minutes ago

Saudi’s biggest oil exporter denied claims of involvement in Bitcoin mining activities but continues to bet on blockchain-focused businesses.

Brand executive posts discounted Utah home listing for Dogecoin

Cointelegraph - 18 minutes ago

The influencer marketer says prospective buyers can get 10% off the listing price of his house listing if payment is made in Dogecoin.

Square Customers Buy $2.72 Billion Worth Of Bitcoin In Q2

Bitcoin Magazine - 31 minutes ago

Payments giant Square has revealed its customers bought $2.72 billion worth of bitcoin in the second quarter of 2021. In a new shareholder letter published Sunday, payments giant Square revealed customers brought in $2.72 billion worth of bitcoin in Q2 of this year. Square’s total net revenue of Q2 this year was $4.68 billion, up 143% year over year, for a gross profit of $1.14 billion, up 91% since 2020. But while Bitcoin has played a significant role in the company’s revenue in 2021, raking in 3x year over year return on their investment, the firm sought to portray its support for the network as necessary for building and fostering a more useful Bitcoin ecosystem. “As we have offered individuals the ability to instantly send bitcoin free, unlock unique Boosts, direct deposit their ...

Bank Of America Sees Four Key Advantages Of El Salvador’s Bitcoin Gambit

ZyCrypto - 1 hour ago

Bank of America, the second-largest bank in the U.S., has recently released a report that unpacks its thoughts on El Salvador’s adoption of bitcoin. The bank surprisingly identified four main benefits that the Central American nation stands to benefit from the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. Upsides To Using Bitcoin As Legal Tender In El Salvador This has been a year full of shocks and surprises. In the crypto world, most people would not have imagined Bank of America would be outlining advantages that a country could gain from foraying into the bitcoin market. Yet, here we are. The bank noted that El Salvador’s decision to accept bitcoin as legal tender along with the U.S. dollar will remarkably slash the costs of remittance payments, which represent a whopping 24% of the country...

World’s Largest Oil Company Saudi Aramco Negates Bitcoin Mining Rumors

ZyCrypto - 1 hour ago

The World’s second-largest oil trading company, Saudi Aramco has denied rumors that were circulating on media websites in the weekend indicating that the company was planning to start mining Bitcoin. The rumor, it is reported, emanated from a Brazilian Bitcoin miner Ray Nasser who is also the head of mining operations at Wide & Trust in an interview with a YouTube crypto channel. The miner in acknowledging the energy-intensive process of mining Bitcoin suggested that if the gas that is wasted when mining fossil fuels could be redirected towards powering Bitcoin mining, it would be enough to run and sustain the whole Bitcoin network. “We are negotiating with Aramco. All black liquid (oil) that comes out of the desert belongs to this company. All the flared gas they are not using, a...

Bitcoin Slumped 6% Following Two Green Weeks (Market Watch)

CryptoPotato - 1 hour ago

After charting a new 11-week high above $42,600, bitcoin has cooled off slightly by retracing to around $40,000. Most altcoins have also calmed since the weekend, with ETH down to $2,600 and BNB dipping beneath $340. Bitcoin Slides 6% Since the Weekend Top The primary cryptocurrency went on a roll during the weekend after the brief drop to $38,300 on Friday. As Saturday entered, though, it charted an impressive candle in which it added roughly $4,000 of value to $42,400. Despite retracing by several hundred dollars in a few hours shortly after, the bulls kept pushing it north, and BTC spiked above $42,600. This became its highest price tag since the mid-May market crash. However, the asset failed to continue upwards and dropped to $39,200 earlier today. Despite bouncing off since then, bit...

Blockster Announces Key Partnership With Chainlink

CryptoPotato - 1 hour ago

[Press Release – Please Read Disclaimer] Blockster is an all-in-one social network intended to bring all that is crypto under one roof. The team is proud to announce a new partnership with the leading digital asset oracle provider, Chainlink. As part of the collaboration, Blockster is integrating and sponsoring Chainlink’s up-to-date and industry-leading price feeds in an attempt to offer its social media platform users accurate and reliable financial market information for countless cryptocurrencies. With around 350,000 subscribers on its waitlist, Blockster aims to be the ultimate hub for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, providing them with a place to learn, earn, and also connect with fellow crypto aficionados. It brings together all of the market participants and it combines the essenti...

There's no reason not to hold Bitcoin for 100 years, Michael Saylor says

Cointelegraph - 1 hour ago

Nobody is in a hurry with Bitcoin, according to Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor: "We're thinking that it's the future of the property."

South Korean regulator to reportedly shut down 11 crypto exchanges

Cointelegraph - 1 hour ago

Sources claim that several mid-sized crypto exchanges in South Korea would not be able to get approval from the FSC.

Cardano Integration With Dapps Continues as Alonzo Gets Closer

Blockonomi - 1 hour ago

In an official announcement published by Emurgo on July 29th, Cardano announced that Yoroi Wallet will soon launch the Yoroi Wallet’s dApp Connector to allow users to interact with dApps. Yoroi, in conjunction with Daedalus, is one of the “official” wallets for Cardano. It allows users to easily access their Cardano Cryptoassets and interact with them via a mobile app and browser extension, with full voting and delegation capabilities. Now, the light wallet will have Yoroi’s dApp Connector to operate as a bridge between users and dApps running on the Cardano Network, facilitating access to what the organization considers a critical element of Web 3.0. The statement referred to the benefits of offering such a bridge, which is yet to have an official launch date, by commenting, “A...