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Crypto News

1.1M noobs panic sell, but Bitcoin hodlers DGAF

Cointelegraph.com | Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain News - 13 minutes ago

Weak hands are panic selling, but long-term BTC holders have seen it all before.

Spanish Regulator Issues Guidelines for Fund Managers Planning to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin News - 32 minutes ago

The Spanish financial regulator is easing the entity’s tough stance towards cryptocurrencies by announcing an unprecedented measure that green lights institutional investors to enter into such business decisions. The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) unveiled guidelines that approve institutional crypto investment under certain conditions. Fund Managers Should Specify ‘High Risks’ of Cryptos in Marketing Resources According to El Economista, the set of guidelines allow Spain-based investment funds and collective investment schemes (sicavs) to trade virtual assets on a daily basis, but just the ones “in which the market price is determined from sales operations carried out by third parties.” The so-called collective investment institutions (IIC) won’t be permitted to...

EY invests $100 million to expand blockchain product suite, launches DeFi contract simulator

Cointelegraph.com | Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain News - 40 minutes ago

Ernst & Young is investing $100 million into targeting enterprise DeFi with its latest suite of Blockchain Analyzer products.

Coinbase Announces Its Intention to Raise $1.25 Billion. Will It Mirror MicroStrategy?

CryptoPotato - The world of Bitcoins and Altcoins Crypto currencies - 1 hour ago

Coinbase’s IPO was great news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Still, since that time, the company’s share price has done nothing but slide. In the midst of that collapse, the leading U.S. cryptocurrency exchange is looking for an even more significant cash infusion. As per a P.R. published a few hours ago, the U.S. company revealed its intention to offer $1.25 Billion of Convertible Senior Notes Due 2026. Coinbase Wants To Speed Up Its Growth The offering would be private and accessible only to institutional investors pursuant to Rule 144A promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933, i.e., those managing at least $100 million in securities issued by other companies. Coinbase’s decision comes just days after it reported over $1.8 billion in total revenue for the first quarter of 2021...

Pundi X using Chainlink to secure its crypto payment platform’s reward distributions

CryptoNinjas | Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market Source - 1 hour ago

CryptoNinjas » Pundi X using Chainlink to secure its crypto payment platform’s reward distributions Pundi X, a blockchain-based point-of-sale payment solution and decentralized finance (DeFi) platform developer, today announced that it has successfully integrated Chainlink Price Feeds, a decentralized oracle network making real-time asset prices accessible on-chain for smart contracts. Live today, Pundi X is using and supporting the newly launched Chainlink Price Feeds for PUNDIX/USD; to accurately distribute platform rewards denominated in the native PUNDIX token. Securing the Pundi X Ecosystem with Chainlink The Pundi X flagship product, XPOS, is a point-of-sale solution that allows customers to transact with cryptocurrency using their physical XPASS cards. The company’s mobile wall...

KardiaChain issues first native KRC20-based USD stablecoin

CryptoNinjas | Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market Source - 1 hour ago

CryptoNinjas » KardiaChain issues first native KRC20-based USD stablecoin The team of KardiaChain, a Vietnamese-based public blockchain that provides a dual master node to facilitate inter-chain operations among both existing and upcoming blockchain platforms, today announced it has issued the first USD-pegged KRC20 token. The KRC20 USD stablecoin is being made possible via a three-way collaboration between VNDC, Nami Exchange, and KardiaChain. KUSD-T will run on KardiaChain’s native KRC20 protocol and is guaranteed by USDT on VNDC and Nami Exchange. In order to support upcoming DeFi products on the KRC20 blockchain infrastructure and help Vietnamese users have a better approach to these projects; VNDC Wallet, Nami Exchange, and KardiaChain worked together to issue KUSD-T. Users can own...

ANote Music’s marketplace integrating Algorand to expand opportunities for creators with NFTs

CryptoNinjas | Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market Source - 1 hour ago

CryptoNinjas » ANote Music’s marketplace integrating Algorand to expand opportunities for creators with NFTs ANote Music, a marketplace for investing in music royalties, today announced that their platform has integrated with Algorand, the proof-of-stake blockchain technology platform. With the possibility of tokenizing music assets and NFTs from artists, publishers and record labels on Algorand, new music catalogs listed on the ANote Music platform will give tokens to investors, providing the right to receive a split of future royalty streams. This opens opportunities for artists who can benefit from enhanced listings, improved access to rights, and more while bringing to investors an alternative diversified asset. This is a major milestone for creators that have catalogs with ANote ...

Biggest Layoffs in US Banking History: Analyst Predicts Banks to Cut 200,000 Jobs

Bitcoin News - 2 hours ago

A Wells Fargo analyst has predicted the largest “reduction in U.S. bank headcount in history.” Banks are expected to cut 200,000 jobs as they strive to improve productivity and efficiency amid rising competition from fintech and non-bank financial institutions. US Banking Sector to Experience Biggest Headcount Reduction An analyst with Wells Fargo, Mike Mayo, has predicted that U.S. banks would cut 200,000 jobs, or 10% of employees, over the next decade, the Financial Times reported Monday. He explained: This will be the biggest reduction in U.S. bank headcount in history. Mayo said that low-paying jobs are most at risk, such as those in branches and call centers as banks adapt to the new realities following the coronavirus pandemic. He added that job cuts have been necessary as tec...

Ark Invest: Bitcoin Mining Net Positive to Environment, Concerns of BTC’s Energy Consumption Are Misguided

Bitcoin News - 3 hours ago

Following concerns raised by Tesla CEO Elon Musk about Bitcoin’s energy consumption, global asset manager Ark Investment Management explained that the concerns are “misguided.” Referring to its research using real-world data, the investment firm emphasized that “the impact of bitcoin mining could become a net positive to the environment.” Bitcoin Mining Could Help the Environment Investment Management (Ark Invest) published a note Monday responding to the comments made by Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, regarding Bitcoin’s energy consumption. The electric car company has suspended accepting bitcoin for payments citing environmental issues. “We are concerned about rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for bitcoin mining and transactions, especially coal, which has the worst em...

DEX platform WasabiX to utilize Bluzelle’s decentralized oracle for on-chain DeFi activity

CryptoNinjas | Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market Source - 5 hours ago

CryptoNinjas » DEX platform WasabiX to utilize Bluzelle’s decentralized oracle for on-chain DeFi activity Bluzelle, a decentralized data network, today announced its latest partnership with WasabiX, a cross-chain yield-backed synthetic asset & AMM DEX platform. Bluzelle’s comprehensive bundle of data storage and oracle solutions provides ecosystem partners with a one-stop solution for their data needs. WasabiX + Bluzelle Integration The next generation of decentralized financial primitives will need data in order to provide better security and increased protection to the users. Especially with the amount of activity on AMM-based DEX platforms, accurate data feeds hold paramount importance. Integration of Bluezelle into WasabiX will see the utilization of its decentralized data sto...