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Why Choose BitCombine?

Our fast, reliable, and powerful Crypto API gives you the most relevant market data from top exchanges. BitCombine gives you access to market data, trading, and account management in real-time.

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Crypto Execution

Execute and manage trades, create withdrawals, and view your balances across thousands of crypto markets on every major exchange by taking advantage of BitCombine's trading endpoints. See how our state-of-the-art cryptocurrency API works.

crypto execution
market data

Market Data

Obtain market data for any cryptocurrency on any exchange, no exchange accounts necessary! Your universal BitCombine API key will give you access to all market data.

User Management

BitCombine's Universal Crypto Trading API provides ease of access to its users by allowing them to manage all of their cryptocurrency exchange API keys under one universal BitCombine key pair.

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user management

More than 18,600 currency pairs supported and connected

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0 Exchanges Supported
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dynamic expansion

Dynamic Expansion

Stay ahead of the game with BitCombine's rapid growth model. When an exchange releases a new cryptocurrency, it is available for trading on BitCombine instantaneously!

Complete Anonymity

We believe that the blockchain is meant to be anonymous. BitCombine will never require identity verification. Explore BitCombine's cryptocurrency payment options (coming soon!) to avoid the hassle of conventional payments.

complete anonymity
real-time market data

Real-Time and Historical Data

Our API allows access to complete orderbook and live market data for timely decision making and market analysis. Get access to historical data going back to the earliest days of crypto.

Powerful Analytics

BitCombine collects the largest possible orderbooks and all available ticker information for all cryptocurrencies across all of our exchanges. We dynamically standardize all of our responses, filling in the missing data and tackling the bugs so that you don't have to.

powerful analytics

Choose a Plan

We provide flexible pricing for companies and developers.


$ 0/1 week
  • Market data
  • 500 call credits / day
  • 1 call credit / sec
  • 90 second orderbook and ticker cache
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$ 9/mo
  • Market data
  • 5k call credits / day
  • 2 call credits / sec
  • 60 second orderbook and ticker cache
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$ 27/mo
  • Market data & trading
  • 25k call credits / day
  • 5 call credits / sec
  • 30 second orderbook and ticker cache
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$ 49/mo
  • Market data & trading
  • 60k call credits / day
  • 10 call credits / sec
  • 10 second orderbook and ticker cache
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Extra Large

$ 159/mo
  • All endpoints
  • 200k call credits / day
  • 50 call credits / sec
  • 1 second orderbook and ticker cache
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$ 799/mo
  • All endpoints
  • 1M call credits / day
  • 100 call credits / sec
  • real-time all endpoints - 0 sec cache
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